The 4 reasons you aren’t getting leads from your automated sales funnel

Where is the bottleneck in your onboarding process/sales funnel?

Some of you have caught on how the automation process works:

Creating an offer that provides the solution to your target market,

Place that offer in a landing page, that goes to a sales funnel.

and create some facebook ads for the landing page, and voila!

You’ve created an automated sales funnel!

Yes, that is essentially the process. It sounds so simple. doesn’t it?

So why aren’t most entrepreneurs getting more leads?

If this proven system is so proven, why isn’t it working for me?

First thing- check your numbers, and see where the bottleneck is in your funnel.

1. Your Offer aligned with your targeted audience

Look at your Facebook ads, and make sure they are going to the right target market. If people are clicking on your ad, but not opting-in, that means there is a conversion problem. In English, this means that you need to go back a step, work on the copy of your landing page and offer, and make sure that your ad copy’s message is aligned with the audience you are trying to capture on facebook. Also, feel free to contact me if you don’t know how to install a facebook pixel and I will be happy to walk you through this process.

Tip: To get more conversions, targeted leads, and save money on your Facebook ads, change the facebook objective to video views or website traffic for a blog post, (instead of lead generation or conversions ) and have that retarget to an opt-in page. By having your audience convert to your video or article before going to your opt-in page, you are “warming them up” by adding value and allowing them to more about what you do. When I do this option, BEFORE I retarget them to the opt-in page, I have watched my conversion rates skyrocket from 30% and higher. If you have no idea what I am talking about, that is ok! Get on a call with me here and I can explain it.

2.Email open rates

If your Facebook ads are converting and going to the sales funnel, then great! Then we move on to another bottleneck- Email open rates.

After your audience opts-in from the landing page, subscribes to your email, (yes, I recommend doing a double opt-in, this removes spam and filters out the tire-kickers) they receive a welcome email. This welcome email always has the highest open rate because people want to get the free offer or watch that is in that email. So how do you get a high amount of open rates in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th email? The same way you got high open rates, from the first email- while you are trying to get them to work with you, you’ll be providing value, trust, AND another email bribe of a downloadable offer in the next couple of emails.

It goes something like this:

The first email is a standard welcome email- you send them the free offer that they opt-in in for and provide more information about your services.

You also recommend that they go to your facebook group, and recommend that they white-list your email, so they can get your emails in the future.

At the end of that email, you write, “P.S. I’ll be sending you an email tomorrow where I discuss.. a,b, and c, and giveaway my … so make sure to keep an eye out for it.”

That simple little sentence can increase open rates by over 60%. I’ve seen it happen for me and my clients.

For the next couple of emails, you do the same process- “P.S…Make sure to look out for my next email where I will be discussing…” THIS WORKS!

3.Email Sequence

Conversion from email to scheduling link

Ok, now that we’ve covered the Facebook ads conversions, the email open rates, we need to talk about your email sequence and the value you are providing. If you prove yourself to be an expert in your field with the value you provide, explain how you solve the problems for your demographic, sprinkle in some social proof with testimonials, and case studies, you should have no problem getting them to schedule a call with you. You should place your scheduling link from the 3rd email until the end of your automated email sequence. If you don’t have a scheduling service yet, I recommend, Acuity. It has a pretty interface, you can add payment options and questionnaires)

4. Acquisition Problem.

Conversions from Appointments to Sales

If you’ve made it this far, then great! Your conversion rate is high on your facebook ads, your open rate is high, and you are receiving appointments. Yippee! But you are not closing enough sales.

Some common problems include: Not properly vetting them before the call and make sure that they are willing to invest in there business. The best way to that is to create a survey on something like google forms, typeform, or acuity, that you can qualify them before they get on the phone with you.

Some questions would be, ” How long have you been in business?” “What is your biggest problem?” “What is your monthly income from your business? ” Don’t be afraid to ask these questions, either. It’s not personal. You are trying to help them with their business and make sure they qualify for your consulting fees.

If that isn’t the problem, then it’s because your prospect doesn’t see the value of your services. Ouch! A lot of this has to do with positioning and showing the direct connection for your services to the results they are going to get.