For Crypto Companies- Let’s Talk About Marketing Strategies with Telegram

Let’s talk about Telegram!

A growing number of internet companies are banning cryptocurrency advertising, fearing reputational damage if their users are duped or left penniless, even as regulators struggle to get to grips with the fast-emerging industry.While regulators have stepped up their warnings about the risks to consumers of investing in cryptocurrencies and the potential for scams, in most jurisdictions they are only beginning to discuss publicly how they might regulate the industry, let alone frame advertising rules.

But here is a great channel that can avoid all of this-  Telegram. Telegram  has been helping companies raise money been helping crypto companies make money and raise money, increase brand awareness, and build a community.
At its core, Telegram is a messaging app. It features both direct and group messaging and has a strong commitment to privacy. In part because of this commitment, Telegram has been widely adopted by international users and  cryptocurrency fanatics.
Telegram allows anyone to build a vibrant and dynamic community. Telegram creates real-time interaction between a brand and their users, or between fans. Telegram channels can even host up to 100,000 members so it will scale as your brand grows.The vision is compelling to many in the tech industry who think that centralized giants such as Facebook have way too much control over the online experience. They imagine a new virtual world with a wide range of digital and physical goods being bought and sold, but with no controlling institution in the middle selling your data and tracking your every move across the web. No bots sending fake news. No ad retargeting.

Here is how to start: 

To begin on Telegram, either download the service onto the platform of your choice or use the web app. Telegram is available on PC or Mac computers and on iOS or Android devices. Once you’ve downloaded the software, you’ll need to sign in with your phone number. When on your phone, you can also choose to connect your contacts to look for friends.

Once you’re set up with an account, join a public group to better explore and understand how other people and brands are using Telegram.

Creating your own channel

When you go to create your own channel there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, your community will be international–depending on your brand’s needs that might mean having a bilingual staff, keeping shifts to be available 24/7, or at the very least posting a pinned post with your available hours in GMT.Second, because your community will be able to interact not only publicly but also with each other, you’ll want to be very careful and protective of your users. BEBO is the acronym you’ll want to remember for this: Ban Early, Ban Often. I’d recommend having an informal appeal process via email but retaining the right to ban anyone for inappropriate behavior.If you have an amazing social media person on your team, who is able to help maintain the community, know how to grow it,
and most importantly make money from it, you will never have to worry about getting your ads banned. –Or, if you work with on this, you won’t have to worry either, since we know the ways to work around it–

Last, because your community will be tightly knit, it is important to remain friendly and transparent at all times. In these one-to-many conversations, it doesn’t pay to be touting company marketing. Do your best to be real. If you have several staff members, encourage them to have separate accounts with first names to identify who they are. Never let several days pass without some word from you or your staff.

While these are just the basics of getting started, I hope that I’ve been able to pique your interest. Telegram is a fascinating new tool for savvy brands to connect and engage their user base. Do you think its viable for your company?
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