Facebook Marketing for SaaS Businesses

SaaS Scenario: Your Saas company has been in business for under 5 years. You’re getting to the point where some people have heard of you, but a lot of them haven’t.
Regardless,  you need to make sales while building your branding.
How to do this with Facebook ads:
We had a client that was in this situation- not a name brand yet, and needed a process of getting leads consistently.  The first month, we did the usual A/B testing, tracking our links, seeing was was working and what wasn’t.
What was working:
Retargeting  the landing page visitors. Since These people had already seen our client’s  product, they were at least slightly interested in it. We started getting leads from Facebook advertising!
Ok, So how do we convert them into leads?
From our past experience, we’ve realized  that even though the cost-per-clicks might be cheaper on display or social channels, we hardly get any conversions. Or even when we did, the traffic never converted to  sales.
Why was this? Because we weren’t matching our  call-to-action with the paid ad channel’s “temperature”
For example, Paid ads from vs Paid ads from Facebook are completely different “temperatures.”
Google would be considered a “warm” lead, since they are already searching for your product, or something similar. Since that’s the case, your CTA can be less aggressive than your CTA from Facebook.
With your ads on Facebook, your CTA needs to be more aggressive since these are cold leads. These people haven’t searched for your product or service. You searched for THEM. Since that’s the case, we need to warm them up a bit, and convince, and prove to them they need to buy our product. This is when all of the testimonials, come up, social proof, reviews, etc.
In other words, different visitors from different social media channels have completely different conversion intents.
KlientBoost did a great job of  illustrating this in an infographic below:
This image shows  the colder your traffic, the lower threat your offer has to be in order to expect conversion to come through.
And you can replicate this same concept to other types of PPC channels so you cover all your bases: Display, Video, Social, and Search.
Understand your conversion funnel and craft different ads and messages for every stage of the funnel. And once you divide your Facebook audiences into multiple groups, everything will change.
To summarize:
Most Facebook ads will be cold leads to start with which requires a more aggressive way to get them to opt-in. If they haven’t opt-in in the first go around on Facebook, they will see your ad on the retargeting from your landing page, which will then convert them into a warmer lead. This combination of an aggressive call-to action , and retargeting your landing page will result with lower Facebook ads cost, and more leads.
Other Key Points:
  • Provide value to your audience – Instead of advertising sales messages, offer value and the leads (and sales) will follow.
  • Share high-quality content – Make sure all the blog articles, eBooks, and other types of content you share are highly relevant and worth your audience’s time.
  • Measure the right metrics – Keep in mind that link clicks won’t bring any revenue. It’s the final purchase you should be after. The most important metric is

    the  cost-per-lead