Case Study: Getting 4 Leads per Week through Linkedin Sales Navigator

Arthur Blackstone, a CEO of an I.T company, came to us because he needed to generate more leads for his IT company.

Here is how we did it:

Since Arthur was looking for B2B leads for his IT company, we knew that Linkedin would be the best way for us to get him the most targeted leads.

As our Linked guide recommends, we treated his LinkedIn profile as a sales page:

1. For his title, we created his headline to show how his company, Net Cloud Storage, provides solutions for video companies. since this can only be one sentence, we need to make this short and sweet, so we got straight to the point.

The fastest way to transfer and store large video files is with Net Cloud Storage. 

2. Below the headline in the LinkedIn description, we changed his description to show how his benefits outshine his competition.

Net Cloud Storage is the fastest and safest way to download videos. But don’t just take our word for it, read what our to  look at what our customers say:

“We’ve been working with Net Cloud Storage for the past four years and still amazed with how fast our enormous files upload to the cloud!”
Steven Frank, Treehouse Video

“After working with Net Cloud Storage, we can’t imagine thinking of working with any other cloud storage company. Their customer service is top notch and their prices are amazingly affordable for the number of services they offer.” – James Steiner, S.T.C Video Services 

3. The Call to Action came after the Unique Value Proposition in the description which Linked to their calendar to schedule a demo.

Key takeaways: You want to answer these questions in your profile:

 a. Why would your audience want to connect with you? 

b. What will they get out of this?

c. What are their benefits?

d. What is your call to action? This is your opportunity for you to connect with your market.

2. Connected with his audience via Linked Sales Navigator

We sent Arthur  this questionnaire to help us understand more of how we could leverage his services before we started to message his audience on his behalf.

After he answered these questions, we immediately started to connect with his targeted audience. After doing this a while, we’ve mastered how to message our clients’ audience without spamming them. A rare art! It all comes down to forming relationships and giving these prospects value. (More details are in our free LinkedIn Book, here)

“No one likes to be sold to, but everyone likes to buy.”

By establishing  a warm relationship with Arthur’s leads first and thinking of these prospects as a long-term relationship and trying to be of service to these people, and give the most amount of value, rather than a quick sale, our goal was to sincerely try and help these people, which came across in our messages. As a by-product of being genuine, we are bringing him about 4 leads for him per week.

Key takeaway- Don’t think about what’s in it for you, or how many leads you can win, but think of “how can I help these prospects.”
This is our old-school advice for modern digital strategies.

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