How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Optimize Your Profile

If you are doing any cold prospecting via email, LinkedIn, or even cold calling, then there is no doubt that people are screening your LinkedIn profile before they respond to you. They decide whether you’re worth connecting with in several seconds. Here’s how to maximize your profile to  get your audience to not only connect with you, but develop a relationship to work together.

You want to think of your company profile page as a sales page:

A sales page shows you what problems you solve for a specific market. 

Here is a basic sales outline: 

A. Headline 

WHAT You or your company does

(You place this headline where the job title goes)

What problems does your company solve to what specific audience? 


Our Cloud Storage company recovers data for financial firms. 

B.Summary Section

Your Unique Value Proposition 

HOW you are different Since you’re being brief, there’s no sense in beating around the bush. Get right down to business and be clear. Call out that you best serve small and medium-sized businesses if that’s the case. Sure, you may disqualify a few larger companies who may not return your messages, but you’ll get more qualified leads when people do respond.

Example: Our advanced backup and recovery systems are designs exclusively for financial firms. We recover and encrypt your data 

C.Call to Action– Link to your offer or calender to schdule an appt. 


What will they get out of this? 

What are their benefits? 

This is where your call to action goes. 

• Write your summary in a conversational tone.

Show energy in your tone or throw in a joke if that’s something that comes naturally to you.

Write in the first person using “I” statements to make yourself seem more approachable.


If you are a finacial firm, you NEED a secure backup for your data.  (scarcity tactic!) 

Our cloud recovery storage is designed specifically for finance firms, to keep your data safe, secure, and hack-proof. Schedule a demo here


• Make sure your headline is hard to say no to and easy to say yes to. 

Example: If you had the option to salvage valuable financial documents, would you do it? 

You bet’cha! This is so much more engaging than, 

“ We help salvage documents for financial institutions.” 

You want to write anything that you can quanify that will help show your audience how you
can transform them to where you’re prospects would like to be. 

These are the questions that go through their head when making this decision:

• Do they look like a expert?

• How can they help me?

• Do I want to do business with them?

If you can trigger a “yes” to each one, then your prospects will connect. 


It starts with the headshot because people mentally digest pictures before they read.

Background image: 

1. You with a relevant influencer in your industry

2. You speaking in front of prospects

3. You at a local landmark (only works if you’re connecting with people in your city)

Ok, Hope this helps! Type your comments below and send me a link to your profile! I’ll love to check it out!