What Analytics You Should Be Tracking

Your website:

Google Alerts: Use to track whenever someone mentions your brand and website, or whenever someone mentions your competitors( this is great for ideas to pitch for guest posts, interviews, and features.

Loyal Customers Bought from you multiple times

Track your most watch videos, and retention ( how long people are watching)
of the videos

Measuring the Effectiveness of Facebook Ads

With the website conversions campaign structure, the primary success of your ads rely on the metrics of conversions in relations to costs. You will receive a Cost per Conversion figure once your ads start yielding results, and this will allow you to see which ad set, and which individual ads, are converting for a better price and at a higher volume in relation to their peers.

Some other key performance metrics to be aware of include reach, frequency, click-through rate, and relevance score:

Reach is the amount of people that your ad is being served to. Your reach is reliant on the ad’s performance, its objective, the size and activity of your targeted audience, and subsequently how much budget you are willing to allocate. In Facebook, you pay to play.

Frequency is something that you should be monitoring as your ads mature. The frequency is the average number of times your ad has been served to each person within its respective reach. You’ll want to refresh your ads once your frequency reaches 3 to 4, as this shows that your current ad has reached exhaustion and, in theory, your CPC will begin to rise as conversions stagnate. You may notice that you are unable to spend your daily budget – this means it’s time to refresh.

Relevance Score is similar to AdWords’ Quality Score in that you get ranked from 1 to 10 and it will reflect costs. The higher your Relevance Score, the lower your costs.

Relevance Score is calculated based on the positive and negative interactions an ad is expected to receive based on different factors related to your objective (i.e. conversions). When your ads compete against each other you will find that the domino effect of engagement (clicks), click-through-rates, and conversions will have a direct impact on Relevance Score. It also goes to show how important ad copy is.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be basing decisions on any single metric. You should be making your decisions based on the overall performance of your campaigns in relation to how much you’re spending and what your goals are. If you adhere to the advice above you will find that driving leads through Facebook can be EXTREMELY cost effective. Stay on top of your ads and let the leads flow through.

Other Social Media: At the end of each week, write down what photos got the most likes, and the most comments. Do this at the end of each month. Pay attention to what they are really connecting to.