How to Market Your Mattress Business

So how do you make sure to target the right audience for your market?


As anyone who owns a mattress company, it can be difficult to know not only how to market your mattress company, but WHO is your market for your mattress company? The other problem is that the turnover rate for people that need a new mattress is pretty low.


Here are some solutions.

• Makes sure your site shows your Unique Value Proposition- How are you different than your competitors? Do you have reviews? Place those stars above the fold!  Also, make sure you have Better Customer Satisfaction-Any quality mattress which is being sold online will have detailed info available about it on the site. You can decide on the firmness, the nature of the foam, the size, and contact customer support directly through chat or via a phone call for any additional info. An added advantage is the fact that most online-only mattress companies allow for free and easy returns during the trial period, while the same process with the offline sellers may not be as smooth.

• Your offer- Sometimes your issue isn’t with your ads, it’s with your offer. Give customers a deal they can’t refuse. Look up Koala mattresses, or Ecosa mattresses. Both have digital marketing strategies that you could learn a lot from. They have active search, social, and even traditional advertising. Put your customers into 3 buckets and target accordingly. Those buckets are: awareness, engaged, and consideration. Someone in an engaged bucket has seen an awareness ad and engaged with it, or visited your website (retargeting). Someone who is in the consideration bucket has added a mattress to their cart on your website but not checked out – you’d hit them with a 10% off offer. Both Koala and Ecosa offer 60 day money-back guarantees. If you’re in the boxed mattress market you should do the same.


• Paid ads- Try using a really focused local Google Adwords campaign  AdWords as it’ll allow you to target people searching with the intent to buy now. Pro-tip- Do location with a 5 mile radius + utilize an engagements campaign with offline events sets that get a decent idea on ROI.

• Social Media- While search ads are great for targeting those actively looking to buy a mattress, social media is still a good place to attract potential buyers. Just look at all the success companies like Casper, Purple, and other mattresses by mail startups that have seen huge success in the past couple years see on social media. They’ve built their businesses largely focusing on social media as the key driver for sales. social would be a spot that’s perfect to reach people who aren’t thinking about it this minute but should be considering it. I think that’s where Casper and others have seen their success. CPC and CPA are likely lower on social media when you’re targeting people who may not have been considering a mattress purchase, where the CPC is going to be far higher on a search where a million other mattress brands and stores are competing for clicks from that intent on purchase now.

• Your Audience- Under what circumstances do people normally purchase mattresses? Weddings, Birthday, Retirement, New home purchase, New to the city… These types of targeted audiences can be found when doing facebook ads. The offer for this audience? Target ads to people going through those life events with a discount or promotion.

Your campaign for this audience:

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Then when they click through get them to opt-in for the printable coupon to bring in store.

You’re building an asset (list) and driving traffic to the location at the same time. If they don’t buy, you can continue to retarget this audience since they wouldn’t have opted in if they weren’t at least somewhat interested in a mattress.


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