Facebook Ad Success

Whenever starting a new campaign from scratch (that means NO saved audience and NO prior activity on your pixel), Facebook’s best practice says that you should follow these steps in order so that you can get the best customers and highest relevance score.

Step 1. Build an ideal audience consisting of people from similar groups that you believe might show an interest in your product.

Step 2. Run an ad optimized for “link clicks to website” to your ideal audience with a wide age range (realistic for your product of course…).

Step 3. Allow your ad to run for 5 days. after the 5th, check your analytics so you can narrow your age range to a range that has been most active on your ads.

Step 4. Run another ad optimized for “link clicks to website” for 2 weeks at a time until you get 50-100 conversions on your ad (for webinars, conversions don’t mean they purchase your product. It means that they’ve registered their email to you). If you do not reach 50 conversions, keep running 2 week campaigns until you reach that amount.

Step 4. After reaching 50-100 conversions, your pixel is now seasoned enough to be efficient when creating an ad optimized for conversions.

The reason for not running a conversion ad right out the gate is because your pixel isn’t trained enough on what to look for. sure, they might get a few conversions, but think of it as your pixel picking the lowest hanging fruit on the tree. the fruit on top is sweeter, but your pixel isn’t trained enough to know the difference. so sure, you might get a few, but those are the worst quality buyers you’ll have.