The Anatomy of a Sales Funnel

and Landing pages

This is what moves the needle.
What really increases the ROI? Copywriting and landing page layouts.

Sales Funnels

We build Landing Pages & Sales Funnels on  Leadpages,  WordPress, etc.
We can either map it for you or you give us your blueprint and we build it.
Email sales funnels- Nurturing funnel, abandon cart email funnels.. we’ve got you covered.


Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the most important aspect of your business, if you don’t have leads you don’t have a business. We use LinkedIn, Facebook, and/or Google paid traffic to generate leads on demand.
Although you’ll be receiving leads as they come in, we’ll also send you a monthly report of your analytics.

Monthly Ad maintenance

After we set up the ads, sales and marketing funnels, we’ll maintain your ROI by keeping track of your ads,

As your Outsourced CMO, we focus on your return on investment. This means that focusing on your analytics take priority during the first three months of our relationship with you.

No business owner showed have to figure out don’t all of the technical, structure, sequence of a moving parts of a funnel. Focus on what you do best and leave the rest to us.

Facebook Ad Marketing Funnel

You can relax knowing we are geeking out in your account, making sure it’s running and working to its fullest potential. We do all the Facebook Ads work for you. This is for advanced Facebook Ad campaigns — “conversion funnels” with multiple levels of retargeting and offers.
New campaigns, we will set up your Facebook campaign from scratch
Existing campaigns, we will optimize your existing campaigns to take them to the next level
A briefing on the goals (more leads, sales, branding etc.)
Customer  support
Complete setup or re-structure up to 3 campaigns

Marketing funnel 

Full geo and demographic targeting and setup
Ad creation using stock images or client provided images/videos
Usually 7-10 Business Days for a complete setup
This is for 1 Facebook Ads Account/1 Business URL
100% of Facebook Ads Management for Your Business!
You’ll have a dedicated account manager who is a digital marketing specialist trained in current Facebook Ads best practices.
Monthly report 
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Linkedin Ad Marketing Funnel

B2B businesses: Want to reach a business audience with pinpoint accuracy? We build and manage highly effective LinkedIn Ads campaigns using a proven process involving persona development, layered targeting and testing (ads and landing pages) consulting with you the entire way.
100% of LinkedIn Account Management for Your Business!
You’ll have a dedicated account manager who is a digital marketing specialist trained in current LinkedIn Ads best practices.
New campaigns, we will setup your campaign from scratch
Campaign management – we track your campaign’s performance finding the best performing combination of ads, landing pages and messaging and work diligently to constantly improve it.
Persona & targeting alignment – we align your customer profile with targeting options available within the LinkedIn Ads platform
Campaign goals and strategy review
Existing campaigns, we will optimize your existing campaigns to take them to the next level
Usually 7-10 Business Days for complete setup
This is for 1 LinkedIn Ads Account
Provide you with a detailed monthly report
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Email Sales Funnels :

After helping dozens of clients craft compelling sales and marketing emails, our team has developed proven sales email funnel techniques that we’ll customize and write for your business.
We’ve worked with clients like CNN, BET, JetBlue, Oracle, Dell, Seamless, Citi, plus meetings with the NBA, Michael J. Fox Foundation, Vimeo, Ogilvy Commonhealth and many more! We’ll craft custom sales funnel sequence that speaks to your buyer persona!
 Creating a Successful Campaign:
 From ad creative to target and testing, these are some of the essential components that go into creating a successful ad:
• The offer in the landing page is aligned with the target audience
• The offer is compelling enough to have someone give them an email address
• The client has enough information on their website to create a successful retargeting campaign 
• The copywriting for the landing page not only speaks to the target audience, but begs for them to sign up. 
• There is a deadline/ time sensitivity to the offer 


How does pay per click advertising work?

PPC is a type of online advertising where you pay LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google, to list your advertisement on their website on the search or product pages that are relevant to your ad. When someone clicks on your ad, you are charged the appropriate Cost Per Click (CPC) fee until your pre-set budget runs out or you add money to it again.

How long will it take to get results?

With typically paid acquisition campaigns you can expect to see results in the first 3 months.

How do you charge?

Our fees are based on a monthly retainer. 

What makes you different from other agencies?

We’re not just paid acquisition experts, our pay per click campaign management team consists of designers, keyword researchers, and copywriters that understand everything to getting the best conversions: targeted marketing, conversions, conversion-based design, and analytics that you will be hard-pressed to find at other agencies. 

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