Our Proven Facebook Ad  Sales Funnel

Our Proven Paid Ad  Sales Funnel

No business owner showed have to figure out don’t all of the technical, structure, sequence of a moving parts of a funnel. Focus on what you do best and leave the rest to us.

PPC/Google campaigns

We build our AdWords campaigns within your master account, giving you full administrative access, transparency, and control. We’re here to deliver the highest quality traffic to your site, and ensure you’re seeing a true return on your investment.

In addition to competitive insights, we use industry-leading tools to discover more about your customer’s online activities, interests, and demographics. We dive deep into your website and online presence to discover what’s working well and identify new opportunities. All of this combined with our expert keyword insights allow us to develop a dynamic digital strategy.

Digital customer keyword acquisition strategy:

After you answer a couple of questions from us about your clients, industry, and competition, we’ll then provide a comprehensive digital customer acquisition strategy using the insights generated from our in-depth research, grounded in proven consumer behavior to make sure you receive the best results.

Our team will use the most sophisticated tools available to uncover which keywords will perform the best for your campaign and determine exactly which terms and phrases your customers are searching for. We’ll upload the comprehensive keyword AdWords strategy into your google ads campaign, to get the perfect audience that bring you qualified leads.

We’ll also make sure your campaign that delivers on your digital objectives and goals by consistently measuring and key performance indicators.

Campaign Setup and Execution Search Ads

Your campaign will be divided into specific ad groups, allowing for the best possible optimization between different industries, product categories, or geographies targeted by the campaign. Text Ad Development Next, we take those keywords and build you the best search ads possible. We write the best copy to catch your customer’s eye, and use industry best practices and features including sitelinks, call extensions, callouts, and more.

Landing Pages Design and Optimization ( $1500 Value!) 

We also create the copy and design for your landing pages to make sure they convert. The better your landing page, the higher quality score your ads will have, and the more conversions you will see.

Bid Optimization

We will use the bidding strategy best aligned with the identified KPIs of the campaign, whether that be Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM), or Cost per Acquisition (CPA).

Display Ads and Remarketing:

Outside of search, Google partners with thousands of sites to learn more about your consumer. Through sophisticated online targeting tactics, we can deliver your brand message to the right consumer at the right time. We will use a combination of the tactics below to best target your consumer.

 Contextual Targeting- We show your ads exactly when the audience is consuming content contextually relevant to your product

• Interest Categories- We reach your target audience, showing them relevant messages across the web

• Remarketing– We bring your customers back! These customers have shown interest in your product, but did not convert. This is a great way to re-engage those users.

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Facebook ad campaigns

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with more than 1.6 billion users. And people like to spend a lot of time on it, whether all at once or periodically throughout the day. This means there are billions and billions of eyes constantly scrolling through posts, videos, photos, status updates, and, yes, advertisements.

And when it comes to advertising, there is no company in the world that has more information about its users than Facebook. And includes much more than just your age, gender, and alma mater. While those things are valuable for marketing purposes, Facebook also knows which websites you visit and how often, how much time you spend doing various things online, and what you purchase. From a business marketing standpoint, that stuff is gold. And thankfully it’s right there for the taking if you know where to find it and how to use it. That’s where we come into play.

Facebook Strategy:

We’ll be using a combination of video marketing funnels, landing pages and email sales funnels to get your target audience to schedule appointments with you automatically.

Creating the perfect audience:

  • Custom: Using your customer database, we will upload phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook user IDs, and app user IDs. This information will then be matched to as many user profiles as possible.


  • Lookalike: Now that we have a picture of your customer database, Facebook can find similar users to open up a whole new set of potential customers.
  • Age, Gender, Language: Unless you’re targeting kids from 1 to 92, honing in on the right age, gender, and native language of users is important for effective marketing.
  • Detailed Targeting: This approach is used to target new customers or people who’ve never heard of your business before. It involves demographics, interests, behaviors, and other categories.

Facebook’s Algorithm:

Facebook will allow us to run many little tests in our first few months. Naturally, most won’t perform very well, but we’re looking for 2 or 3 that are ‘home runs’. From there, we scale up the audience knowing you have the magic formula.

We’ll be changing the ad images and copy every two weeks or so, since Facebook responds better to ad change. This prevents the “banner blindness” from your audience and increases Facebook’s algorithms which mean that Facebook shows more of your ads.

We’ll also be running your campaigns to your targeted audience.
For the audience that viewed the first ad, but didn’t opt-in we’ll
retarget that audience to other ads with more time-sensitive ad copy to incentives them to opt-in.

Budget :

Our Recommended  Facebook Ad budget is $1200- $1500 for the first month.
Once we start building momentum and receive consultations consistently, we can incrementally increase the budget the following month which builds momentum and continue to generate more qualified leads.

We measure daily the analytics data such as advertising metrics, page-level metrics, engagement, click-through- rate, and other metrics.
You’ll receive a detailed report every month showing your return on investment.

We find out what is working, and what we need to change if we see a drop in your ads.

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Email Sales Funnels :

After helping dozens of clients craft compelling sales and marketing emails, our team has developed proven sales email funnel techniques that we’ll customize and write for your business.
 We’ll craft a custom sales funnel sequence that speaks to your buyer persona!
 Creating a Successful Campaign:
 From ad creative to target and testing, these are some of the essential components that go into creating a successful ad:
• The offer in the landing page is aligned with the target audience
• The offer is compelling enough to have someone give them an email address
• The client has enough information on their website to create a successful retargeting campaign 
• The copywriting for the landing page not only speaks to the target audience, but begs for them to sign up. 
• There is a deadline/ time sensitivity to the offer 


How does pay per click advertising work?

PPC is a type of online advertising where you pay LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google, to list your advertisement on their website on the search or product pages that are relevant to your ad. When someone clicks on your ad, you are charged the appropriate Cost Per Click (CPC) fee until your pre-set budget runs out or you add money to it again.

How long will it take to get results?

With typically paid acquisition campaigns you can expect to see results in the first 3 months.

How do you charge?

Our fees are based on a monthly retainer. 

What makes you different from other agencies?

We’re not just paid acquisition experts, our pay per click campaign management team consists of designers, keyword researchers, and copywriters that understand everything to getting the best conversions: targeted marketing, conversions, conversion-based design, and analytics that you will be hard-pressed to find at other agencies. 

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