Case Study: Village Workspaces
30 coworkers and 14 private offices booked within 3 months


Within a year of Weworks,Industrious and Spaces moving to Santa Monica, three co-working spaces have shut down.
How can Conversion Marketing help Village Workspaces succeed? 

After we did an audit of their ads, we saw that there are some bottlenecks with the marketing funnel.
They were getting traffic, and some conversions, but only about 5% of conversions for tours booked. 

We saw that they had no retargeting, geo-fencing, and  their audiences weren’t segmented enough.
They also had different ad campaigns for Coworking, Events, Private Offices, Virtual Offices that were ALL being directed to their home page.
I’m wincing as I ‘m writing this.

What we did to enhance their luxury brand and bring in members consistently:

1. We repositioned Village Workspaces as an exclusive and luxurious office space and created the tagline:

“The Only Place You Wished You Could Weekends”

We added video and photos to have people experience what it would be like to work here and FOMO!

For Coworking we’ve  emphasis the brand’s sense of community

Landing page example here

Virtual offices page here 

2. Facebook Ads:

Because we segemented each campaign  with it’s own  audiences and  landing page, we were able to connect more to that specific audience.
We were also able to show off the benefits of the community and experience by using a combination of video ads and retargeting.
This converted over 35% in opt-ins and booked an avaerge of 7 people per week for a tour.
This strategy also lowered their ad budget while increasing their tours, resulting in a  $35 cost per acquisition for each LTV coworking member

Goal: Keyword Research , Copywriting, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Linked Ads 

Facebook Campaigns / Landing Pages / Village Workspaces

Facebook LIkes


Increase in Monthly Memberships

Increase in email Subscribers

Increase in Facebook Engagment

Instagram followers

Conversion Rate on Landing Pages