Our Entry-Level Managed Web Presence SEO Campaign is designed for businesses or locations with low competition in keywords and their geographic market. Alternatively, it suits businesses with a single GMB business category and/or a specific keyword theme.

The comprehensive package includes the following in the first month:

  • Deployment of website signaling technology on the client’s website and in Amazon Cloud
  • Integration with Enterprise Media Room, Twitter API, Reddit API, GBP/Google Reviews API, and Google Maps API
  • Optimization of GMB/GBP listings
  • On-page optimization for three pages of the website
  • Authority listings service
  • Data Aggregator enrollment
  • Building a Google entity cloud stack for authoritative brand assets
  • Citation/listing enrollment for instant NAP and location juice with hundreds of new referring domains
  • Provisioning of Cloud Marketing and Reporting Center
  • Enrollment in a gray-label reporting dashboard connecting Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and GBP Listing Insights
  • Access to gray-label social media management and reputation management software with Facebook and GMB integrations
  • One article, including a custom-optimized long-form blog article and a corresponding press release
  • Weekly GMB/GBP activity engagement
  • Local and Organic Ranking Factor Generation
  • Pillar content publication to the target site blog
  • RSS Feed syndication to branded blog tier
  • Press Release distribution and publication with guaranteed pickups
  • 80-120 Do Follow Links, 20+ citation signals, 40+ brand mentions, and 80+ referring domains per month
  • Patch publication
  • One GBP Signal Clusterâ„¢ (Q&A, photo, post, review)
  • Ongoing website technical improvements

Additionally, there is an add-on service available for addressing current or potential future website technical and on-page SEO needs. This add-on involves labor hours applied each month based on the website’s specific requirements for optimization, structure improvement, regular audits, core web vitals, etc. The add-on can be canceled with a 30-day notice, providing flexibility for businesses with varying website needs.