Would You Like Us To Generate 4-6  Qualified Leads For You Every Month For Digital Marketing Services With No Ad Spend Involved?

If You Have No Idea How To Generate New Clients Into Your Digital Marketing Agency And Are Ready To Fix That Problem Right Now With Nothing New To Learn…Keep Reading

Last year we  generated 3 new high-retainer ($2500 +) clients into our marketing agency every month as well as generating the same results for our  client’s agencies.

How Do We Do this?

We did it by leveraging the most powerful, most overlooked and mostunderutilized business tool ever…Linkedin.

And before you say I tried that and it didn’t work…We’re telling you…it does and here are some reasons why:

Right now your biggest advantage is that everyone is obsessed with Facebook and google ads.

That means Linkedin is pretty much off everybody’s radar. It won’t be that way forever though.

As soon as word gets out the herd will stampede and the opportunity is gone.

Why Linkedin?

• It’s designed with the sole purpose of business professionals connecting with other business professionals to do business…It’s built as a dedicated prospecting tool for crying out loud.

• It’s has a built in Sale Letter and Landing Page…Your Profile! It has all the benefits of direct mail with none of the painful side effects!

• 100% email deliverability. If you send 10,000 emails, good luck getting more than a handful actually into the inbox before you get shut down. With LinkedIn you have 100% deliverability…It’s truly amazing…and it bypasses the ever increasing spam laws in countries like Australia, Canada and the UK where you just really can’t send cold email legally.

• Crazy precise targeting. Not only will Linkedin find the exact prospect you’re looking for, down to the smallest detail, you can also then contact them directly…no info@ or sales@ emails that are just a waste of time.

So what have we got for you today?

For those who want serious results and don’t want to take two years to figure out how to get them We’re offering to do the whole Linkedin Lead Generation process for you! Look at the packages below and see whih one works for you. 

  • Bronze

  • $1000 per month

    • Dedicated Linkedin Virtual Assistant
    • Linkedin Profile Optimisation
    • Up to 2,500 Monthly Connection Requests
    • Multi Messaging Follow-Up Campaign Sequences
    • Target Audience Searches using Sales Navigator
    • Database of Target Audience and Leads
    • Daily Email Notification of Positive Campaign Replies
    • Live Campaign Tracking
    • Direct InMail Campaign to Open Link Profiles
    • 800 InMails per month
    • Multi InMail Follow-Up Sequence

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  • Gold Plan

  • $1500 per month

    • Everything included from basic plan and inlcuding our custom automated message sequences, implimentation of sales funnel, and scheduling links 
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