Lead Generation

You can have a MINIMUM of 3-5 QUALIFIED, EXCLUSIVE leads coming directly to your inbox every week…and we do all the work for you

#1 Create

We create lead lists based on the criteria we agree upon (revenue size, geographic location, employee size, vertical, etc)
Extensive research is done by a team of marketing experts for each company/contact
We’ll reach out to 50-100 of your ideal prospects every day.
We’ll message your ideal prospects with tested proven copy that’s produced 1000’s of clients and millions of dollars. No trial and error here.
We’ll follow up until they say they’re interested or they go away.
You can expect 3-5 qualified leads minimum every week of ideal prospects, these are people who have booked a call or are asking you to call them directly. 
We’ll do all of this for a set monthly fee with no ad spend and no hidden expenses.

#2 Build A Target Audience

Tell us who your ideal prospect is, their position, company size, location, industry etc and we will build a targeted list that match your criteria.
People often ask us what constitutes a “Qualified” lead. The answer is somebody who matches the criteria you have provided and who needs and can afford the solutions you provide.
We will build your perfect audience.

#3 Connect With Target Audience

We will reach out to 75-100 of your ideal prospects everyday and connect with them on your behalf. If they accept the connection request we will then send them a short message asking if they are potentially interested in your services.
If the prospect replies with interest then it’s over to you to carry on the conversation. If they do not reply, we will continue to send them “soft” messages for up to 90 days to ignite the conversation.
In most industries, this will realistically produce 3-5 interested prospects every week.