What Is Google Map Pack and Why Is It Important?


Google Map Pack is a set of three Google Maps-based results that will often appear when users conduct local searches for businesses. Within the Map Pack, users see a business’ Google reviews and overall star-rating, a brief business summary, the business address, hours, pricing information, and featured photos. Map Pack links display ahead of traditional link-based search results. Since only the most highly-ranked businesses are featured in the Map Pack results, competition is fierce.


Eighty-seven percent of mobile phone owners use a search engine daily, and according to Google, ‌mobile searches for “best place to buy” have grown over 70 percent in the past two years. Searches for “local” + “business(es)” have grown by more than 80 percent, including searches like “local businesses near me.”

Google Map Pack occupies the majority of real estate on a mobile phone screen, so when Map Pack shows up, consumers naturally respond.

To help our clients increase Map Pack rankings, we print out cards for every one of your customers.

Ranking in the Google Map Pack is important for all businesses, but especially for enterprises that operate at the local level. Consumers often skip results that don’t meet their search parameters for a specific location. If the first search result that comes up for an enterprise business is a primary brand website, then the chances of that link getting clicked are low.

Each business card has a QR code on the back so our installers can hand it to your clients so we can track who is—or isn’t—asking for reviews.

All your clients have to do is scan it with their phone and it will lead them to Google to leave a review.

This is essential for any business to get more reviews and testimonials on your website. This not only shows credibility but also helps increase your SEO rankings.