The Essential LinkedIn Sales Guide for Cloud, IT, and Telecom Companies 

Take the Simple Steps to Receive 3-5 LinkedIn Leads Automatically Each Week 

Conversions Marketing has been generating 3-5 leads for their clients, and now shows you the exact steps to do it yourself. 

This book explains how they did it, and how you can too.

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" I've already doubled my client list and I'm only on step 4! These are mind-blowing Linkedin strategies that only an agency would know about. Thanks for sharing this with the rest of us! " - Michael Stevenson. Stevenson Consulting

What You’ll Learn:

• What to include in your LinkedIn Profile that will attract targeted leads

• How to increase your landing page's conversion rate by 35% or more 

• How to copy our blueprint of our onboarding process and sales funnel 

• How and why "relationship selling" is neccessary for any cloud, IT, SaaS, and enterprise system 

About Conversions Marketing 

Conversions Marketing is the leading outsourced CMO for IT companies. They've been focusing on creating digital strategies for cloud and IT companies since 2010. They are known in the industry as the Linkedin Paid Ads experts for IT & Cloud companies. Their digital strategies and automated sales funnels have helped their clients drastically increase revenue from lead generation campaigns.